Launch PAD

A Personalized Artist Diploma program
designed for the modern Singer-Actor-Teacher-Businessperson.

Make exponential gains in Vocal Pedagogy, Performance, Personal Business Development or Professional Speaker/Executive coaching. 

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Are you an SATB?

As a Singer-Actor-Teacher-Business Person combo-platter, or "SATB," you know that some of your biggest challenges are accountability, business savvy, & conquering the massive goals you have for your craft, career and life. 

As a singer or actor, you know that practice makes perfect. They say it takes 10,000 hours to truly acquire the mastery of your craft. But how do you efficiently spend those hours? What do you do on a daily and weekly basis to demonstrate measurable progress? How do you connect your craft to career strategy?

As a teacher, you hold yourself to the highest standards. You already get good results with your students but you want GREAT results. Faster results. On some level you know could DO more if you only KNEW more. You want to deepen your own process and increase your understanding of anatomy & physiology, voice science, motor learning and more so that when you provide a student with a recommendation, you can feel confident that you are pointing them down the right path. 

As a business person, you're probably overwhelmed. You're struggling to balance your work as an artist with building your studio or business in the performing arts. You work from the gut, the heart, your intention. But you're not sure how those skills map to the modern world of digital marketing. How do you drive traffic to your website, clarify your business model, make sense of Facebook advertising, create great content, process payments, build membership sites?...AHHH!

If you are already clear on your business model, congrats! You may now be wondering how to optimize or expand. You work with incredible clients but you could be doing more on a larger scale. You want to bridge the gap between the artistic world and the corporate world, providing the insights you know from the performing arts to speakers on other big stages, like TED, SXSW and more. 

If you've been shaking your head yes to any of these, YOU are an SATB.  

The Bigger Question is...
Where does an SATB go
to learn how to conquer these challenges?



Hi, I'm Tom Burke. I was trained as a Speech-Language Pathologist and then began my career providing voice therapy and rehabilitation services to professional singers and actors. I moved to NYC to deepen my skills training singers for the Broadway stage utilizing insights I've learned as a pianist, actor and Certified Course Instructor in Estill Voice Training. In 2008, I was invited to work as a coach for Google and have coached for them since; providing executive speaker coaching across the organization and assisting speakers at large events from SXSW to TED and more.



Who I Help

Working with Googlers has taught me the power technology can provide in helping someone leverage their skills in new, fulfilling and lucrative ways. Ways that can help and inspire people around the world.

Five years ago, I began offering online coaching to clients around the world and haven't looked back. I developed one of the first online group voice coaching programs in the world reaching people in over 20 countries. Check out BroadwayVoiceBox and my signature system for teaching vocal versatility "The Twang Farm" here

I've since begun to show others how to do it. And by "do it," I mean successfully craft their own unique career in one (or more) of 4 domains. I call these "The Four Ps:"

  • Performance 
  • Pedagogy
  • Personal Business Development,
  • Professional Speaker/Executive coaching.

I enjoy discovering how to bring the latest insights in digital marketing, vocal pedagogy, voice science, motor learning, speech pathology, and strategic storytelling into this unique space of guiding the singers, actors, and thought leaders of tomorrow. 

Now, I am gathering a group of like-minded individuals, those who walk the lines of performing, teaching and coaching artists or professional speakers. I know that when people commit to huge goal in front of others and have access to top notch coaching to help them achieve, nothing can stop them from succeeding. 

Full, 360 degree access to your
Inner Artist, Entrepreneur & Authentic Self

What I've learned

Things Don't Get Done Without Accountability

As much as we'd like to believe we are independent go-getters, many of us struggle to get as much as we'd like done without some form of external accountability. Don't feel bad though. This is very human. We just need systems to overcome our inner sloth. Fortunately some fancy folks have been researching this phenomenon and found that humans are more motivated by the LOSS of something vs. the potential GAIN. We can use this insight for good to kick our collective butts into gear.

People Thrive In A Group

Going it alone is no fun. Research also supports this. One of the biggest indicators of career success is being in an "open network" or being surrounded by people who are not necessarily the same as you or doing the same work as you. Anecdotally, I've also found that we learn best by watching others or listening to a coach work with someone with a problem similar to ours. The distance we have in that moment lets us empathize with the learner while simultaneously understanding the rationale provided by the coach. 

Focused, Randomized Practice Drives Results

Themes of the week or "things to think about" help improve skills more than simple blocked or rote practice. As tempting as it is to "hit the books" or practice 20 minutes of vocalises, research supports the idea that foucsed, randomized, SHORT practice sessions seem to drive better results. 

Practicing in Real Contexts Facilitates Carryover

Skills are highly contextual. Meaning just because you have dexterity as a seamstress doesn't mean you can necessarily play Mozart. I've founded that even the most elegant dancer, doesn't necessarily use great alignment when singing. As a result, learning really needs to occur in the actual setting (whether it's performing arts or business) where the skill is needed. 

More Feedback Isn't Necessarily Better Feedback.

If you watch Project Runway, you know that less is often more. I've found that being in "high touch" with my clients and providing short, clear directions toward the next actionable items towards their goal often have the most impact on my clients. 

Adult Learning Is Fluid and Non-Linear

Within each of The Four Ps  (Performance, Pedagogy, Personal Biz Development and Professional Speaker/Executive Coaching) there are so many things to learn to truly be competent in any or all of them. I trust that individuals need to trust themselves in knowing what skills they need to focus on right now, not necessarily what's on the next page of the textbook. 

What's Good for Software is Good for Singing

One of my favorite new tools is implementing tenets ot "Scrum." This is a productivity methodology originally used to help engineers rapidly create software. It has since been used in other disciplines to help yield rapid results by providing laser beam focus on the 20% of actions that will lead to 80% of the results. I've found it works well in help SATBs know how to structure their week for maximium career and craft productivity.

No Two People Are Alike

...and therefore no two curriculums can be the same. Clients need to create their own goals and determine the big obstacles that need to be overcome in order to get there. The coach, mentor, and teacher serves to help guide the student on their own journey. 



How We Can Work Together?

This insights I've learned above have led me to create a unique learning environment for SATBs. I've spent the past two years tweaking a learning model which balances group and individual learning and have helped my clients yield massive results.

Here are the core concepts of this new model:


8 "Four Week Challenges" - ONLINE

Each challenge, we meet to clarify a massive goal in pedagogy, performance, personal business development or professional speaker/executive coaching. You are welcome, in fact encouraged, to craft your own unique "Major" for the challenge.  We then meet weekly to ensure you nail your goal. We meet as a community Monday-Friday at 11:45am EST for our "Working Webinars." Challenges are scheduled around typical school year and holiday calendar. 

3 On-Site Retreats per Year

We meet as a community here in the Hudson Valley or in Los Angeles for a mindy-body-voice-spirit intensive to take our skills to the next level.

1 Awesome Community

Join folks from wildly different backgrounds with a common goal to improve their mind, body, voice and spirit that they can share their vision with their world. Participate in lively conversations in our private Facebook group and meet long-lasting friends and colleagues. 

Labs & Laser Coachings

1:1 feedback is provide through a combination of weekly labs, feedback on homework submissions and 3-15 minutes individual laser coachings. 

Red-Phone Access

We use Voxer as our "Red-Phone Access" app of choice to ensure you get the help you need when you need to meet your weekly and monthly goals.  

The Investment

Carefully consider what a year of dedicated time towards conquering challenges and exceeding your own expectations could do for your craft, career and your life.

The decision to apply for this program should not be made lightly. This program is designed for those who are willing to dedicate several hours a week toward improving themselves in a structured, community environment. 

While not an accredited program, Launch PAD promises the rigors of graduate level work in an community environment with unprecedented access to combined training in:

  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • Vocal Performance
  • Personal Business Development
  • Professional Speaker/Executive Coaching 

The commitment for this program is 1 year. Why? Because we want to foster a dedicated community of people interested in supporting each other and making exponential progress in their life and careers. That doesn't happen overnight.

The Timing

Here is the schedule for the 2017 Launch PAD

We use a rolling admission plan.

You may enter at any of the below sessions and continue for 1 year. 

Retreat: April 22-23 (Hudson Valley)

Session: 4/24/-5/19

Session: 5/31 - 6/23

Retreat: June 22-23 OR 24-25 (Los Angeles!)

Session: 7/31-8/25

Session: 9/11-10/6

Retreat: October 14-15 (Hudson Valley)

Session: 10/23-11/17

Retreat: January 11, 2018 (Hudson Valley or LA TBD).

What They're Saying

Vincent Rodriguez III, star of The CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

       "Part of what makes Tom so great as our coach is how all encompassing he is in his style of teaching: clever, knowledgeable, innovative and funny. It's something special that I have never encountered in NYC since I got here 12 years ago."


Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Google

       "At the core of Tom's work is his ability to tease out the true stories of one's work and tie them together powerfully and meaningfully into one cohesive narrative."


Vanessa Tuna, singer

       "Tom helped me get in shape for the "vocal marathon" of my life: a Whitney Houston Tribute Concert. 12 Whitney songs, 5-7 shows a week, for 2 months. It was VERY challenging to say the least, BUT my voice stayed strong and healthy the whole time."




Corporate trainings for this level of immersion run between $10,000/day and upwards of several hundreds of thousands of dollars for large marketing events. Of course, those numbers are astronomical (pun intended) for the larger masses of artists, actors and teachers. As a result, I've tried to balance the full value of the program with typical costs of tuition for conservatory level programs. 

Current tuition and fees for an MFA in Drama at Yale University is $46,574-$48,949.* I started there because I consider Launch PAD to be of Ivy League quality as well. 

Why? Launch PAD offers truly unparalleled access to a combined approach to pedagogy, performance, personal business development and professional speaker/executive coaching. No other program in the world provides this unique combination. 

Look at DMA programs in Vocal Pedagogy. You won't find the combined approach to speaking and singing for different styles and venues.

Look at other artist diploma programs. You will find great work on performance (in one genre) and how to conduct the business of your artistry (i.e. website design, accounting, working with the industry, etc) but not necessarily how to expand into non-performance related ventures like teaching or corporate coaching. 

Speech-pathology schools likewise do not provide deep enough training for those interested in working with professional singers and speakers. Most programs provide only 1-2 undergraduate level courses in voice and 1-2 graduate level courses in voice. MAX. That is not enough to prepare one for the diverse array of vocal skills needed to work with professional singers, actors, and speakers. In addition to countless hours of on the job training, many SATBs need to invest thousands of dollars in continuing education to cull together a core set of skills needed to work in this space.

I wanted to provide a solution.

The promise of this program is simple. Launch PAD will provide you access to the through line between each of these disciplines so that you can deepen your process and propel yourself forward in your craft, career and life.  

Now back to pricing. My goal is to balance the unique value of this program with affordability for emeging artists and entrepreneurs. As a result, my goal was to find a way to provide this unique program for 75% less than Ivy Leagues MFA programs. 

Tuition at Yale?  $46,574-$48,949. Launch PAD? A fraction of that. Apply below to determine your eligibility at which point you will meet with Tom for a private interview. 

Ready to take your craft, career, and life to the next level? 

Launch PAD

A Personalized Artist Diploma program
designed for the modern Singer-Actor-Teacher-Businessperson.

Make exponential gains in Vocal Pedagogy, Performance, Personal Business Development or Professional Speaker/Executive coaching. 

Membership is via Application Only.

If you are interested in joining us, please click the link below to apply.