Work with one of the world's leading Broadway voice teachers  to gain or maintain the vocal technique you've always wanted. 

Be accountable to showing up for your voice daily. 

Develop a consistent plan to conquer vocal tension,
warm-up faster & increase your range.

Learn to sing in a different style each week with a single step
and stay in top notch vocal shape with strategic warmups. 


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Developed by Tom Burke

Tom's clients include a diverse array of Emmy & Academy Award Winners, Tony Nominees, Google Executives, members of countless Broadway and National Touring casts and clients in countries around the world. 

As a speech-language pathologist, Certified Course Instructor of Estill Voice Training and voice teacher with 20 years experience, he's honed a fast, fun, scientific, safe and simple way to sing higher, louder, and easier in several styles. 

Whether you're an opera singer learning to belt, a Broadway singer learning to stay healthy and versatile, or simply a voice geek who loves the science of singing, learn how Tom can help you with this innovative online training.

Clients Have Appeared In...

The Name of the Game is...
Vocal Versatility

Whether you're auditioning for The Voice, Idol, Eurovision, or the Broadway Stage, the demands are high. If your clients are doing the auditioning, then the demands to stay on top of every genre is even higher. 

You're expected to have equal access to your Head, Mix, Chest, Falsetto...Pop, Rock, Jazz, Contemporary, Golden Age, Legit....

And everything in between.

At a moment's notice.

Singing today requires that you sing (or teach) in any style. Learning to do so takes a lot of time on technique. You've got to learn it fast without getting in your head. That's why we've created a safe, science based system to acquire and keep new vocal styles quickly and easily at an affordable price for artists.  

Introducing "The Twang Farm"
Here's How It Works...


What They're Sayin' About Working with Tom...

What You Get...

New Style Each Week

Learn to easily access your pop, rock, folk, jazz, musical theater and operatic voice while exploring a new vocal genre or "Animal" each week. 

Strategic Warmups

Rotate through a changing menu of "vocal vegetables" to keep your head, mix, chest, falsetto (and everything in between) happy and healthy. 

Daily Classes

Do your daily chores wih theses classes on alignment, support, breath, resonance, and diction tricks to improve your power in these daily LIVE or pre-recorded classes.  

Weekly 1:1

Want to work with Tom directly? Each week, Tom will select 1-3 members to work directly with him for work sessions that will be shared with the community. 

Here are some of the Animals you'll meet...

The Alien

No farm would be complete wtihout a good crop circle from a friendly E.T. You're journey begins with a resonant, easy, free speaking voice. The Alien shows you how. 

Farmer's Daughter

Access your pop, folk, breathy singer-songwriter sound by the fireside with the Farmer's Daughter.


Squirrel's may be nasty little monsters but they sure know how to help you find your head-mix for a juicy golden-age legit. 


How the hell do people belt above the staff? They don't really. They are using the Duck. It ain't pretty. But it's awesome. You may love this one the most. 


Boy bands and blue grass can each be found by finding your Mouse, a nasal-twangy sound for brightness and ease. 


Master your chest-mix with a good old "meow." From the bridge of a pop song to a brassy Wednesday matinee belt on Broadway, this emotionally unavailble Cat shows you how. 


Direct from Alcatraz is the Sheep. Part old movie gangster, part Ethel Merman, the Sheep can take you back to your Golden Age torch song belt. 


The Wise Owl suprisingly knows how to sing Ave Maria and back up for your favorite Motown songs. Learn to find your hooty head voice here. 


If Celine Dion and Barbra had a baby, it would definitely be a Goose. Let your super high mix-belt take flight from B-flat to F with a surprising "honk."


From the Dark Belt to Baritone High Notes, the Walrus will take your voice to new heights while maintaining your velvety tones.


Your Opera voice can be found by taking the time machine back to ancient Norway. Prepare to don your horns and storm some kingdoms.


If Jessie J, Yolanda Adams, Adam Pascal & Axl Rose had a baby, you'd have the Seagull. Taking flight just got easier with this high rock belt. 

Join the Community

Despite the seemingly silly approach, we mean serious business when it comes to safe, versatile singing. This is not an app but rather a community of like-minded singers from around the world working weekly with Tom to gain, maintain or teach the versatile vocal technique they've always dreamed of. If you are serious about taking your singing to the next level, join us here on the Farm.

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