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Improving Your Voice Isn't the Hard Part

Increasing your range, fixing your break, singing higher with less effort,
singing in different styles or getting your rep book ready isn't the hard part. 

The hard part is...

Finding the time...for anything. 

Knowing what's most important to work on right now. 

Committing to daily practice. 

Focusing on removing obstacles like physical tension & allergies.

Getting enough feedback to ensure you're on the right track.

Finding a community to work with and perform for.

Developing a mindset to keep you out of your head and in the process.

Broadway VoiceBox solves the problem.

Broadway VoiceBox

The world's leading online program
for singers

Inspired by the latest research in voice science and motor learning
to help you sing higher, louder and longer with ease.

What is it? 

If the high-end, international gym chain "Equinox" and online, on-demand programming superhouse Netflix had a vocal baby, that would be Broadway VoiceBox.

A premium online voice gym featuring LIVE group classes, cutting edge courses, a community of like-minded classmates from around the world and an opportunity to work 1:1 with voice teacher, Tom Burke.

Meet Your Voice Teacher & Coach


"A Certified Voice Nerd, Tom has a gift for being able to convey complex concepts to any type of learner. He is an avid voice researcher who constantly pushes the envelope on how the world teaches voice and empowers the student."


"I've seen more improvement in 2 months with BVB than I have in 2 years with a local coach. I'm so excited to see what this next year will bring. Thanks Tom and BVB team, your quality teaching means the world to me!"



Tom Burke, MS CCC SLP

Broadway Voice Teacher, Speaker Coach for TED, Speech-Pathologist, Voice Therapist, Estill Certified Master Teacher & Course Instructor 


Develop a voice that...


Works Better

Using innovative exercises designed to increase your pitch precision, minimize breaks, reduce vocal effort and give you a recording studio quality sound.

Warms Up Faster

Using exercises inspired by voice therapy techniques and voice science NOT just your standard singing vocalises.

Lasts Longer

Using Pilates, Yoga, Dance & Alexander inspired techniques to improve your stamina and power.

Does what you want, when you want it.

Find your head, mix, chest, falsetto, belt and new vocal colors in an instant.

How is this online program different from traditional voice lessons?

The Old Way


Long Commute

Long Confusing Warm-ups

Infrequent Availability

Long Lessons

Vocal Exercises

Based on Opinion

Slow Progress

One Style of Singing

Sing like the teacher

Wait for Feedback 

Individual Learning

Closed Network

Unspecific Curriculum

Inconsistent Accountability


Stay the Same

The New Rules of Singing


No Commute

Short, Effective Warm-ups

3+ classes per week

Short Sessions

Full Body Exercises

Based on Science

Exponential Progress

Several Styles of Singing

Sing like you with more ease

Fast Feedback for Auditions 

Group & 1:1 Learning

Access to Industry Professionals

Specific, Strategic Curriculum

Year-Long Commitment



What You Get?

Training Videos

All membership levels include access to our video library of over 200+ searchable hours of content plus our signature system: "The Twang Farm: How to Sing in 8+ different styles in 8 Weeks." 

"The New Rules of Singing"

This brand new, comprehensive video course features Tom's innovative philosophy on singing. Learn the terms and the techniques before attending class. 

Personalized Playlist

Need specific content related to your specific technical issue? Want fast access to curated vids? Our newest feature includes personalized video playlists of classes tailored to your unique needs. 

Weekly Masterclasses

Industry Professionals and Weekly Hot Topic Masterclasses ranging from how to belt, how to reduce nerves, how to sing in different styles, acting through song to dealing with hoarseness or losing your voice.

Weekly Audition E.R.

Polish your repertoire at the Weekly Audition E.R. Class, receive video submission feedback and optional 1:1 coaching to ensure you stand out from the crowd and deliver a call-back worthy audition.

Bi-Monthly Q&A Class

You spoke and we listened! The Q&A class has been a favorite among members in the past for being a platform to pick Tom's brain on anything Mind, Body, Voice or Spirit related. 

1:1 Feedback

Receive 1:1 feedback from Tom and BVB coaches in weekly masterclasses, Audition E.R., and video submissions. Private lessons are now available to members only!(Additional fee)

Self-Care Voice
Massage Series

"Bodywork" is a big deal at BVB. To help us keep tension in check, we commissioned Broadway voice massage therapist to the stars, Christine Schneider to show us how. 

"The 4 A's of Awesome Singing"

This eye-opening, weekly class cycles through the 4 topics: Anchoring, Airflow, Aliens & Articulation to give you exactly what you should be doing to build or maintain the voice you've always wanted.

"Teacher's Corner"

Converse with other voice teachers, crowdsource solutions to common problems in your studio, watch lectures by special guest teachers and gain access to hours of advanced Estill Voice Training related videos. 

Facebook Forum

Little did we know the private Facebook group would be so instrumental! Become part of a worldwide community with other singers and teachers like you. Share articles, begin conversations, post videos for feedback and be part of a learning revolution.

Voice Retreats

As a member, you get preferred access to voice retreats hosted at Burkestone Estate in the Hudson Valley. These one-of-a-kind retreats offer a world-class, unique opportunity to dive deep into topics related to Estill, Meditation, Vocal Performance and more. 

How does it Work?

Sign up!

     BVB is based on a year long curriculum. We have taken the guesswork out of what you should be doing daily, weekly & monthly to build and maintain the voice you've always wanted. Sign up for the program that is going to change your life!

Join the Welcome Wagon 

You will be given access to the BVB
"New Rules of Singing" 
Prep Course.

     The "New Rules of Singing" gives you complete context on the innovative way we view singing. Articulation, Anchoring, Aliens, Airflow, Adduction, Anatomy, Asymmetry, Attunement, etc. Sound like a lot? Don't worry, Tom explains it all in this comprehensive video course. "New Rules" not only preps you on the terminology and the core techniques, but also introduces you to the software we use in BVB. We'll take you from Technophobe to Technofab! You can burn through this collection of videos in a binge or tackle this collection of videos at a slow and steady pace for ample digestion. At any rate, we are convinced this course is worth the price of admission alone.

Gain Access

     Once you've completed the "New Rules of Singing" and you know all about techniques like "Aliens," "Farmer's Daughter's" how to use "Zoom"'s time to receive your own membership login for access to BVB.

Log in to your Dashboard

     Log in to the membership site and check out the dashboard announcing all upcoming classes, your personal playlist and links for class. It is here that you can find the link for the Facebook Forum and apply for a-la-carte private lessons with Tom. (*Additional fee for private lesson applies.) 

Introduce Yourself

     It's time to join the private Facebook Forum and introduce yourself! You will post videos here and view others working on the same challenges. The Facebook Group also features articles, addresses special topics and announces upcoming events. 

Attend Classes

     Check out the BVB Calendar and determine which classes map to your vocal needs. If you are unable to attend LIVE, you can always view at a later time. Classes run in 4 week cycles with embedded "Brain Breaks."

Upcoming Weekly Hot Topic Masterclasses


  • From Screlt to Delt: How to darken your belt for healthy Adele stylings
  • Break the Man Voice Barrier: How to deal with C#, F# and beyond
  • Developing a professional level daily routine
  • How to improve your speaking voice
  • Fun With Phonemes: The geekiest and best way to improve pitch precision, passaggio placement and power
  • How to figure out what's screwing up your voice
  • How to be more present in the audition room
  • The difference between singing Pop & Music Theater: How to nail it every time
  • How to increase vocal power
  • How to get more "in your body" and "out of your head"
  • How to avoid flipping into falsetto or a lighter quality as you ascend the scale 
  • What's that thing that Kelli and Audra do? In search of The Soprano Belt
  • How to develop recording quality precision
  • How to practice efficiently for faster results
  • How do I get my voice back?!?! Managing allergies and vocal illness
  • Belting Above the Staff: Mouth, Tongue and Larynx positions to make stratospheric singing seem easy
  • How to cut a song
  • How to improve your mix
  • How to avoid bringing up too much weight
  • How to be productive and efficient with your day so you actually have time to practice and focus on your craft
  • How to tell a compelling story
  • Intro to "Twang Farm" Characters
  • How to change your breath, diction and vocal style for Classical vs. Contemporary Musical Theater

...and more.


Can't attend LIVE? Don't worry, all classes are recorded in our video archive.

The Backstory...

I was a speech-pathologist and voice teacher working with Broadway singers and execs at Google. After teaching 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week, I was burnt out and frankly bored.

I thought:

"If it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything (i.e. singer), how is this model really going to help with that?"

There are only so many people I can see in a week and most working actors can really only afford financially or schedule-wise to come in once or twice a month. It's hard to reach those 10,000 hours in two 45 minute lessons a month!

There had to be a better, faster, and cheaper way to help my clients get the results they needed to succeed while also growing my business to help more people around the world.

Then, I realized it really doesn't have to be this hard.

Technology can help.

Now, that word strikes fear in most artists. They often say, "I'm not good with technology!" And yet, we use technology all day: smartphones, apps, Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, ATMs, Venmo. Technology helps us do so much more in a much more efficient way, so why not apply it elsewhere?

I came up with the idea of working with singers online, in a group, using audio files and video trainings to help supplement our work together. It was totally weird and it totally worked. Clients were singing better than ever, in a bunch of different styles, faster than ever before. It was hard turning back.

Admittedly at first, the technology kinda sucked. Skype zonked out a lot and Google Hangouts only allowed up to 10 participants at a time. Those things either annoyed people or freaked them out. But then the technology caught up.

Things are HD now, Facebook invented Groups, you can save and share private videos to Dropbox, Voxer and other voice apps allow you to check in for a quick vocal fix instead of having to wait 2 weeks to figure out how to belt that F.

Casting directors are starting to catch up on technology too. They not only review people's Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles and web presence, they also often prefer video submissions. Acting, singing and auditioning in this new tech era is a whole new ballgame. Not dealing with technology is no longer an option.

Initially, most of the clients of this new model were people outside of New York. Those that wanted Broadway quality training but couldn't come to New York. New Yorkers were totally anti "Skype lessons." Even though they use Facetime all the time with their families, their beef was that there was just something different about working with a teacher in person. I get it. As an actor that relies on the energy you get from the other people in the room, there is something irreplaceable about working together in person.

But I always struggled with the thought of "at what cost?" Is the conversation and the energy, worth the infrequency? The expense? The long drawn out time to actually achieve the results? Would you rather wait two weeks for a lesson appointment or get feedback tomorrow? I'd rather give you the feedback you need ASAP in whatever way possible, and save the chit chat for coffee or see you in person at a workshop or retreat.

Knowing that there is research to say that we don't actually learn through "blocked practice" I started to question the whole idea of a standard lesson itself. People learn through focused, short, frequent, randomized practice. I didn't make that up. There is loads of what's called "motor learning research" to support it. We learn what to DO in a lesson, but the actual learning...the brain changes... and the vocal changes actually occur at home.

The 10,000 hours happen while you're showering, humming as you walk around the city, singing in your car, meditating on your audition, running through your rep midday while your neighbors are out, foam rolling at the gym....

I didn't want to simply give people the vocal fish, but teach them HOW to vocal fish....or even better how to think about fishing...I mean singing!

I escaped to this incredible retreat in Genoa, Italy. On a cliffside, I locked myself in a room overlooking the Mediterranean where I developed a curriculum for training singers online. 

If everyone knew how to think about singing in a more strategic way, the actual exercises for fixing the break, belting higher without pushing, switching from legit to rock, singing while dancing, preventing or recovering from a vocal injury, developing that pro level polish.... are the easy parts.

More and more, I felt it has become my duty to help people be efficient. To learn about the voice and how to practice it more effectively. To listen to the research and meet with clients in short spurts several times a week.

That's where the learning could really occur even faster; by using technology to support how our brain wants to learn.

Could you do this by coming in every day to the studio for a 15 minute lesson? Of course! Is that feasible? No! But with online training it is.

Thus Broadway VoiceBox was born.

Membership Levels

Community Track
Open Gym


Cancel at any time

*BVB Video Library

*Facebook Forum

*Self-Care Voice Massage Video Series from Broadway Voice Massage Therapist: Christine Schneider

*"Twang Farm: How to Sing 8+ Styles in 8 Weeks" (self study)

*Bi-Monthly Q&A Workshop


















    This is right for you if you are looking for vocal exercises on a budget, self study materials for singing in different styles of rep for upcoming auditions and a community of like-minded people around the world.


Pro Plan
Unlimited Class Pass


1 Year Commitment

*BVB Video Library

*Facebook Forum

*Self-Care Voice Massage Video Series from Broadway Voice Massage Therapist: Christine Schneider

*"Twang Farm: How to Sing 8+ Styles in 8 Weeks" (self study)

*Bi-Monthly Q&A Workshop


*"The New Rules of Singing" Video Prep Course 

*Personalized Playlist & Dashboard

*1 Hour Hot Topic & Masterclass per week (Mondays)

*40 min 4A's of Singing Class: Anchoring, Aliens, Airflow & Articulation per week (Tuesdays)

*40 min Audition ER Class per week (Wednesdays)

*Weekly Sign-Up for Private 15 min Lesson with Tom (additional fee)

*BONUS: "Teacher's Corner" featuring teacher content & access to 50+ hours of Estill


If you thrive in a regular yoga, Pilates, Soul Cycle, dance or acting technique classes, this plan is for you. At $12.25 a class, it's far below the cost of any of those classes and is directly tailored to gaining and maintaining the vocal health, stamina and "professional polish" you need as an active singer.


Pro Premium
Studio Program


1 Year Commitment

*BVB Video Library

*Facebook Forum

*Self-Care Voice Massage Video Series from Broadway Voice Massage Therapist: Christine Schneider

*"Twang Farm: How to Sing 8+ Styles in 8 Weeks" (self study)

*Bi-Monthly Q&A Workshop


*"The New Rules of Singing" Video Prep Course

*Personalized Playlist & Dashboard

*1 Hour Hot Topic & Masterclass per week (Mondays)

*40 min 4A's of Singing Class: Anchoring, Aliens, Airflow & Articulation per week (Tuesdays)

*40 min Audition ER Class per week (Wednesdays)

*Weekly Sign-Up for Private 15 min Lessons with Tom (2 lessons included)

*BONUS: "Teacher's Corner" featuring teacher content & access to 50+ hours of Estill


*This plan includes TWO private lessons with Tom per month
(15 minutes/lesson)

If you want the full she-bang and regular access to private sessions with Tom then this plan is for you.    






AUDITION REP MATCHMAKER, SARA GLANCY is pairing with Broadway Voicebox to offer:

"Technique of the Week" Playlist: A playlist of audition-worthy songs for inspiration that demonstrate the technique of the week.

Audition Book Overhaul: Active auditioner's work with Sara privately at an exclusive BVB price to build a Broadway-quality audition book that books the job. 

Audition ER: Need help selecting rep for a last minute audition? Sara is on call weekly to help you select the best piece for your audition at a reduced price for BVB'ers. 


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