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"I came to the Tom Burke Voice Studio with years of vocal training but wanting to fine tune my technique. In every session I've had I've received a tip,  insight, or technique that has changed the way I will sing forever.  Seriously.  He works with such knowledge, ease, fun and laser like specificity.  What else can I say... Tom Burke is a vocal genius!"

 -Kyle Post
Kinky Boots, Broadway


Tom Burke, MS CCC SLP

Broadway Voice Teacher, Speaker Coach for TED, Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Therapist, Estill Certified Master Teacher & Course Instructor 


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You're a soprano and have have this big chest voice up to about a G and then in flips into what I call "lady land" and it drives you NUTS! You love Kelli and Audra and can imitate that sound pretty well actually but you want more contemporary sounds. If not belt, you at least want to figure out how to lean out that voice and find that speaky mix sound around F, G, A, B-flat.

You're a tenor. You've gotten some great roles when you were younger but now realize you have no low notes and are singing rep that is too young for you. You want to access more of your "man voice" with darker tones. 

You're a baritone. You love golden age musical theater rep but it drive you nuts that EVERY song seems to have at least an F# or a G or above, oy. You've tried everything but seem to keep pushing your chest voice up higher. You want to find how to access that upper range while keeping your Stephen Pasquale realness. 

You're an alto or mezzo. At least you think you are. This gets you in your head that you don't have access to your head voice. You do actually. It may not be High C, yes, but there is a G in there that will more than suffice. Plus you've got some great ballsy torch songs in you, if you can figure how to not push as much. You're dance training makes it a bit more difficult because you have a super tight core and suspect that this may be getting in the way of your support. And you're probably right :)

You've had a vocal injury and it threw you for a loop. You worked through some of the initial guilt or shame and realized it's not about that. Athletes get injured. That being said, you've done some voice therapy and are feeling better but you're full firing on all cylinders to get back to auditions let alone 8 shows a week. 

You're singing all the time. And that's a good thing but you've been singing the same way, in the same show for too long. You're concerned that you're losing access to other parts of your voice you used to have. If you leave this gig, it's going to be a bit clunky to audition for other types of gigs. 

You're a great voice teacher and you're frankly bored with your bag of tricks. You feel a bit isolated and are completely over it when it comes to those nasty forums. You are looking for a like-minded group of nice people where you can not only get some new ideas but also work on those secret quirks in your own voice. 

You're a speech-pathologist interested in working with singers. You've gone too far to towards the clinical dark side of the force, strobing all day and have lost sight of your own artsy-fartsyness. You want to have a bit more fun in the clinic and also reconnect to why you got into voice in the first place!

You need to know WHY. You were totally that kid in the family that asked a million questions on the long drive for the family vacation. You want to know more about vocal anatomy & physiology. You want to learn more about Estill Voice Training and maybe even get certified.  

You are a nice person. You love to sing. You've taken lessons for some time. There aren't many professional venues where you live but you're pretty damn good and could honestly hold your own weight in the audition room if you did move to NYC! You want to work with the pros while also staying in the hometown you love.  

You've heard of voice retreats and you are dying to attend one. You dream of singing Sondheim's "A Weekend in the Country" while ACTUALLY spending a weekend in the country at a place like Burkestone Estate, located in the Hudson Valley, NY. 


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