A One-Day Online Voice Retreat
with Tom Burke

WHEN: Saturday April 27th, 10am-6:30pm EST.
HOW: Via Zoom Videoconference
WHAT IF: Recordings will be available if you can't attend LIVE. 


Is This Retreat Right for You?

This retreat is a good fit if you....

  • Feel "out of shape" vocally 
  • Have difficulty projecting your voice
  • Have difficulty speaking or singing for prolonged periods without getting tired easily
  • Want to improve the power, quality and expressiveness of your voice
  • Want to explore new vocal qualities
  • Have developed what you think are "bad vocal habits" that have built up over the years
  • Have some sort of "technical glitch" that is undermining your ability to book gigs, speak publicly or perform to your full potential
  • Are currently suffering from muscle tension or need help recovering from a vocal injury and have not found speech/voice therapy to be fully effective for your needs
  • Are confused about what to do daily to improve your voice
  • Are committed to working on your voice as often as possible to clock the 10,000 hours needed to be an expert
  • Want to work with a voice teacher who infuses speech-pathology skills, biofeedback technology and voice science based principles into lessons 
  • Want new tricks to add for your voice teaching bag 

This retreat is not a good fit if you...

  • Currently have an acute voice disorder (i.e. vocal fold hemorrhage, polyps, nodules) and have not seen a speech-pathologist and/or laryngologist (i.e. ENT/Voice Doctor)
  • Have a new onset of hoarseness in the absence of a cold that has lasted more than two weeks. If you so, you must receive a medical evaluation.



Saturday April 27th, 2017 AGENDA
*All times in NYC/EST

10:00am-10:25am  ATTUNE

Learn the most effective morning meditation to help you start your day with more focus and less stress so you can nip vocal effort before it starts. 

10:30am-10:55am ALIGN

Wear clothes you can move in as you learn how to warm up your body and reduce posture-related tension which may be negatively impacting your voice.

11:15am-11:35am ALLOW

Voice feeling blocked, stifled or held back? Learn how to unlock your voice with exercises to reduce effort in the tongue, lips, jaw and larynx.

11:45am-12:15pm AIRFLOW

Clear vocal gunk, and help raise your awareness of where you should be “placing” your voice by learning how to use straws, water bottles, lip buzzes and other silly sounding noises.

12:30pm-12:55pm ANCHOR

Learn how to ground your voice so that it can "float" in this Yoga & Pilates inspired class, designed to activate your legs, core and torso for better vocal strength, stability and stamina.

1:00pm-2:30pm LUNCH BREAK

2:30pm-2:55pm ALIENS

Help steady your voice with resonance exercises known as Aliens. Designed to reduce vocal fatigue and increase vocal stamina, these exercises will not only improve the quality of your speaking voice, but stabilize your pitch.

3:00pm-3:25pm AMPLIFY

Learn how to amplify your voice with more power and less effort. Turn up the dial using concepts such as Twang, Calling, and specific Diction Tricks.

3:30pm-3:55pm ASCEND

Climb out of the vocal quagmire and learn exercises for increasing your range & easily negotiating tricky transitions.

4:00pm-4:30pm BREAK

4:30pm-6:30pm ANIMALS

Learn the foundation of Tom’s signature system: The Twang Farm. Learn “Magic Word” prompts and special vocalises for balancing the brightness and darkness of your voice along with training your chest mix, head mix, falsetto, head voice and different styles of Belting.

What to Expect & How to Prepare: Come prepared with a speech, song or monologue, along with a list of vocal questions and the problems you'd like to solve. We will be meeting online via Zoom videoconference. There will be scheduled breaks. You will receive the link to access after completing registration. If you cannot attend LIVE but are still interested in the content, video & recordings will be available shortly after the retreat. 

Meet Your Voice Teacher & Coach

"Hi! I'm Tom Burke. As a speech pathologist for 20 years & voice teacher for Broadway singers, Hollywood actors, Google Execs and TED speakers, I've come to specialize in six different types of clients.

I help....

1.Professional speakers write and deliver world class talks. You can learn more about "How to Write & Deliver a World Class Talk" here. 

2. Professional musical theater singers prepare for Broadway roles on a tight deadline.

3. Voice clients recover from vocal injury, Muscle Tension Dysphonia and other voice disorders quickly.

4. Classical singers learn to Belt safely.

5. "Dancer-first" performers position themselves as singers.

6. Voice teachers build their businesses and pursue certification in Estill Voice Training."

Tom Burke, MS CCC SLP

Broadway Voice Teacher, Speaker Coach for TED, Speech-Pathologist, Voice Therapist, Estill Certified Master Teacher & Course Instructor 


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